This blog is about my family and our attempt to become more frugal with our money and more mindful with our lifestyle.

About me: 38 year-old woman, married, with a teenage son and a shelter-rescued shiba inu called Miko.

About our lifestyle: Our family is, in typical New York style, crammed into a 2-bedroom apartment in the Bronx. We pay about $1400 each month in rent which is simultaneously outrageously crazy and actually pretty reasonable for our area. After several years of un- and under-employment from 2007 through 2010, Mr. Frugalacupunc finally started a secure, rewarding, but not-especially-well-paying career as a social worker in the Bronx. In the meantime, I had been making a reasonable salary in a job I loathed and eventually lost early in 2012. Surprisingly, this was not the end of the world, but an opportunity to start anew.

In September 2012, I started a three year Master’s program to become an acupuncturist. This adventure is funded by student loans – not frugal at all, but a step we’ve taken with our eyes open to the potential risks and rewards.

As a part of this venture, certain aspects of my worldview have been cemented, and these necessarily play in to my views about how to spend (or not spend) our money. For example, we don’t want to support products or industries that harm us and our environment. On the other hand, we’re striving to conserve as much of our money as possible in the name of thrift. I’ll explore the balance between the two here.

We have not been smart with our money thus far. We’re trying to get our act together now. We have a son headed to college (maybe? He’ll decide what’s best for him, and I’m confident he’ll figure it out) who we won’t be able to help financially, but with whom we have been open about our finances and management in the hope that he will be better informed and more responsible than we were as he starts out. So far, it’s looking good.

We recently had a long talk with my mom, who lives out of state but is hoping to move closer to her children, who are scattered over various parts of the eastern seaboard. In the next year or two, she may be taking a leap to the Hudson valley, and we will follow along in a duplex of some kind. We have agreed to split the costs of this venture but there are still many details to be determined. The object of blogging here is to be more accountable, gain tips from readers and other bloggers, and (down the road) to document our progress and projects we may take on along the way, such as renovating a property, detailing the intricacies of the transition from city to country, or discussing the fine points of starting an alternative health practice.

Thank you for following along!


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  1. Thanks for the follow on Knapsack Spirit! Glad to get to know you. My husband grew up in the Bronx (Arthur Ave.) His family still lives there, but the Pellham Pkwy area. It’s a fascinating place! And as far as not having been smart with your money, it’s never too late to start again!

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