Midterms & Found Money

Hey! I’m in a studying induced black hole. I just finished my second of 5 midterms but won’t be done until a week from today.

In the meantime, I’ve been distracting myself (read: procrastinating) by saving us a shit-ton of money by switching our car insurance! Ha. No, actually, we really do use GEICO, but we saved a shit-ton of money by finally getting our car paid off and then switching off our comprehensive and collision coverage, which we really don’t need. $500 bucks a year, GONE!

Then I was going over some other bills (PROCRASTINATING… Biochemistry wasn’t about to study itself, but I had to pay the cable bill, so…) and realized that we’ve been paying for phone service (we don’t even have a landline home phone!) since March, when Mr. Frugalacupunc reinstated our service and they told him it would be a free element of a combo package. Liars! We called, got a credit for the unused service, and turned off our cable. Again. (Yes, I’ll need to watch the Mad Men finale on iTunes now, but that’s $3.) Score! We still have to pay $55 a month for internet, which seems like highway robbery when you consider that it’s $29 when offered as a piece of one of those aforementioned combo deals, but that’s a solution for another day.

So: we’re making the transition to a simpler, cheaper, calmer home, with plenty of Netflix and iTunes entertainment options, and I finally got that studying done (got 100 on that exam, YES).

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but we’re also saving tons of money on the front brakes of our car, of all things. My husband had ceramic brake pads installed 2 years ago (yes, you read that right). They were a lot more expensive than ordinary brake pads, but our mechanic assured him that they would be worth it because they were far more durable. Well, it’s 2 years later, and guess what’s still on our car? The ceramic pads. We’ve dutifully taken it in every 6 months or so to be sure their not wearing out – Mr. Frugalacupunc was convinced we needed new ones just a few weeks ago, but the mechanic said they were still fine – for a total of, what? $600 saved? That’s crazy. Crazy good.

More automotive shenanigans: did you know motorcycles regularly get as much as 77 miles per gallon? WHAT? I just learned this. Now I want to get a motorcycle license at the same time that we move upstate. If you have to commute 90 minutes one way, it may as well be fun.

Sorry I’m so random… I think I’m in a biochemistry haze. I need to recover quickly since I’ve got 2 more big exams on Monday, and the biggest, baddest of all – Anatomy 2 – next Friday. In the meantime, have a lovely weekend! I’ll be thinking of you as I cram the 67 points of the Urinary Bladder channel into my cranium.


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